Pride Subwoofer Videos

Car subwoofers made by hands. PRIDE CAR AUDIO. Moments from working room.

Russian Subwoofer So Tough it Plays YOU – Pride Car Audio S5 Carbon Fiber 15″

Two 12 inch Pride Car Audio MONSTER Subwoofers – Metered on the Term Lab!

Pride Car Audio – 2 12″ Carbon Fiber Russian Subwoofers! – Adding Power!

In this video, we switch out the Rockford Fosgate 19″ and replace it with 2 12″ Pride Car Audio Subwoofers! If you haven’t seen the build of this box yet, go to to check it out! Also, just to be clear…..this box and the subwoofers are not mine! These won’t be staying forever! There is no other vehicle to test them in, well atleast a power ready vehicle besides mine. My truck already has all the wiring and power done, so it’s really easy to slap a new box in and take a listen! I’am sticking to 4 SMD Mini 15’s or something around there. Build video’s of that will be up when it happens!

Crazy Russian Subwoofer Flex! Pride Car Audio S5 15″ Subwoofer Powered by Incriminator Audio 20.1

This speaker is sitting on a piece of MDF which is sitting on a crate which is sitting on a pallet which is sitting on 2 Car dolley’s (so i can roll it around the shop). Any “weird” sounds you are hearing is all that stuff just vibrating. It is 10x more violent looking in person so you can imagine what it is doing to the surface it is sitting on. The woofer itself isn’t making any noises other than that open-air bass sound

A COLOSSAL Russian Subwoofer Unboxing! Pride Car Audio Carbon Fiber 12″ & 15″ – 5,000 Watts

Ported Box Build FINISHED! 2 MASSIVE Russian 12″ Carbon Fiber Subwoofers FLEXED! TEST DRIVE!

3 x Pride Car Audio BB 12 and Pride 5,5k