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Pride Car Audio is the European champion of 2017 in BassBoxing NHB

Pride Car Audio – the European champions of 2017 in BassBoxing NHB and IDBL Ulimate

SPL Format: Bass Boxing

Bass Boxing is IASCA’s most popular SPL format, designed to bring musicality and showmanship back to SPL competition.

In Bass Boxing, competitors face off against each other in a Qualifying Round; the top two competitors from the Qualifying Round move on to the three round “Title Fight” for their class.
The top two (2) competitors then “duke it out” for three (3) “title fight” rounds; each round tests the systems ability to play music at extreme volume levels without breaking down.

Pride is the European champion of 2017 in BassBoxing NHB and IDBL Ulimate.

Each round offers a different challenge; in the first round, competitors must  close all doors on the vehicle and play the system for 30 seconds. In the second round, the driver’s side front door of the vehicle is opened and the same test is performed. In Round 3, both front doors of the vehicle are opened and once again, the test is performed
In all Rounds, competitors can play musical tracks of their choice (from a commercially available CD – must be approved by the event Judges); the track is played for 30 seconds; the highest average decibel level (SPL) achieved during the time period is recorded in the Qualifying Round and determines the top two qualifiers.

In the three round final match, all three rounds are measured for a 30 second average, same as in the Qualifying Round. The highest average score achieved in each round is then recorded individually. The competitors’ individual scores from each round are then added together and divided by three for their average SPL score over the 3 rounds; the competitor with the highest average SPL score for the three rounds is declared the winner.

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Pride Car Audio, The European champion of 2017 in IDBL Ulimate

Pride Car Audio - the European champions of 2017in BassBoxing NHB and IDBL Ulimate
Pride Car Audio – the European champions of 2017 in BassBoxing NHB and IDBL Ulimate

SPL Format: IdBL (IASCA dB League)

This is IASCA ’s SPL competition format. IdBL Divisions (Rookie, Stock, Stock Pro, Advanced No Wall, Advanced and Ultimate) are based on the experience and industry position of the competitor and the level of modifications to the vehicle. IdBL classes are based on the cumulative total of all subwoofer cone surfaces in square inches.

Calculating cone area is quite simple; there are different methods for calculating cone area, depending on the shape of the subwoofer. For round subwoofers, the formula for calculating cone area is Radius squared times Pi (3.14).

Example: Take a ten inch round subwoofer; the radius of all subwoofers is half the diameter, so the radius of a ten inch subwoofer would be 5 inches; the radius squared would be 5 times 5 which equals 25. 25 times Pi (3.14) equals 78.5. And there you have it; the total cone area of a ten inch subwoofer is 78.5 square inches.

It’s even easier for square subwoofers; simply multiply two connecting sides of a subwoofer together (e.g. square 12 inch woofer—12 times 12 equals 144 square inches) and that’s it.

There’s a cone area calculation chart for round subwoofers in the rule book for quick easy reference. Once you know the amount of square inches of subwoofer cone area you have for each size of sub you have, simply multiply that amount by the amount of subwoofers you have in your vehicle and you’ll get the total cone area for your vehicle.

Once you’ve calculated the total subwoofer cone area of your sound system, refer to the vehicle criteria for each IdBL Division to determine what Division you will be able to compete in. And that’s it! You’re on your way to competing in IASCA IdBL competition!

Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measurement in decibels is registered using the IASCA AC-3056 RTA/SPL meter. Determining the winner is simple; the highest score in each class wins!

CD-R’s, CD-RW’s or MP3’s are not allowed to be used in the judging process. In IdBL, any commercially available CD that contains musical tracks or test tone tracks can be used to compete at Single Point (SPE) events. The official IASCA “Max dB2” CD is the required judging software at DPE (Double Point Event) or TKE (Territorial Key Event) events.

Typically, most show promoters will offer two scoring attempts, giving each competitor the opportunity to increase their previous score. The highest score of the two attempts will prevail.

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