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Pride Car Audio https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/pride-car-audio Tue, 12 Jun 2018 14:41:15 +0000 https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/pride-car-audio/ [wcklpg content_type=”product” render_by=”shortcode” shortcode_name=”product_page” ]

Voice Coil Motor aka Voice Coil Actuator https://mobileaudio.eu/caraudiofab/voice-coil-motor-aka-voice-coil-actuator Wed, 30 May 2018 11:54:01 +0000 https://mobileaudio.eu/caraudiofab/voice-coil-motor-aka-voice-coil-actuator/ Voice Coil Motor aka VCM aka Voice Coil Actuator

Key Benefits


  • Where precision linear movement is required
  • Where precision force is required
  • Where oscillatory motion is required
  • Where Dynamic Movement is required

How it works

By driving a current through the voice coil, a magnetic field is produced. This magnetic field causes the voice coil to react to the magnetic field from a permanent magnet fixed to the speaker’s frame, thereby moving the cone of the speaker. By applying an audio waveform to the voice coil, the cone will reproduce the sound pressure waves, corresponding to the original input signal.


The actual wire employed in voice coil winding is almost always copper, with an electrical insulation coating, and an adhesive overcoat. Copper wire provides an easily manufactured, general purpose voice coil, at a reasonable cost. Pure copper in its International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS) as 100% IACS = 58 MS/m at 20 °C, decreasing by 0.393%/°C. Where maximum sensitivity or extended high frequency response is required from a loudspeaker, aluminium wire may be substituted, to reduce the moving mass of the coil. Aluminium wire has about one third of the mass of the equivalent gauge of copper wire, and has 61% of the electrical conductivity. An aluminum conductor’s cross-sectional area must be 56% larger than copper for the same current carrying capability.

Pride car subwoofer voice coils are made of CCAW Copper-clad aluminium wire, allowing easier winding and a useful reduction in coil mass compared to copper.

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Deadmau5 – A City in Florida https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/deadmau5-a-city-in-florida Mon, 14 May 2018 11:07:28 +0000 https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/deadmau5-a-city-in-florida/

Deadmau5 “A City in Florida” based on a sole vibrant deep bass note, making you feel like you were in a night club with audio speakers surrounding a dance floor.

Pride Subwoofer SPL hair trick https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/pride-subwoofer-spl-hair-trick Thu, 01 Mar 2018 09:48:24 +0000 https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/pride-subwoofer-spl-hair-trick/

Published ny (@team_pride_rb)

Two 12 inch Pride Car Audio MONSTER Subwoofers – Metered on the Term Lab! https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/two-12-inch-pride-car-audio-monster-subwoofers-metered-on-the-term-lab Sat, 24 Feb 2018 09:29:06 +0000 https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/two-12-inch-pride-car-audio-monster-subwoofers-metered-on-the-term-lab/

2 MASSIVE Russian Carbon Fiber 12″ Subwoofers – A fun Ported Box Build – Pride Car Audio https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/2-massive-russian-carbon-fiber-12-subwoofers-a-fun-ported-box-build-pride-car-audio Sat, 24 Feb 2018 09:26:28 +0000 https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/2-massive-russian-carbon-fiber-12-subwoofers-a-fun-ported-box-build-pride-car-audio/

Ported Box Build FINISHED! 2 MASSIVE Russian 12″ Carbon Fiber Subwoofers FLEXED! TEST DRIVE! https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/ported-box-build-finished-2-massive-russian-12-carbon-fiber-subwoofers-flexed-test-drive-2 Sat, 24 Feb 2018 09:18:28 +0000 https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/ported-box-build-finished-2-massive-russian-12-carbon-fiber-subwoofers-flexed-test-drive-2/

Crazy Russian Subwoofer Flex! Pride Car Audio S5 15″ Subwoofer Powered by Incriminator Audio 20.1 https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/crazy-russian-subwoofer-flex-pride-car-audio-s5-15-subwoofer-powered-by-incriminator-audio-20-1 Sat, 24 Feb 2018 09:17:27 +0000 https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/crazy-russian-subwoofer-flex-pride-car-audio-s5-15-subwoofer-powered-by-incriminator-audio-20-1/

This speaker is sitting on a piece of MDF which is sitting on a crate which is sitting on a pallet which is sitting on 2 Car dolley’s (so i can roll it around the shop). Any “weird” sounds you are hearing is all that stuff just vibrating. It is 10x more violent looking in person so you can imagine what it is doing to the surface it is sitting on. The woofer itself isn’t making any noises other than that open-air bass sound


3 x Pride Car Audio BB 12 and Pride 5,5k https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/3-x-pride-car-audio-bb-12-and-pride-55k Sat, 24 Feb 2018 09:15:27 +0000 https://mobileaudio.eu/blog/3-x-pride-car-audio-bb-12-and-pride-55k/